Nate McAlpine - Brewmaster at Craft Kitchen & Brewery
Craft Kitchen & Brewery
Nate’s passion for craft beer began with a homebrew setup in the basement of his college house in Duluth, MN. While experimenting with different malts and hops with his friends, he subsequently graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. He proceeded to work his way from volunteering at various local breweries to becoming the head brewer at a 2-barrel pub in northern Wisconsin. In 2009, Nate had the opportunity to attend the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology where he studied his craft in Chicago and Munich. Before starting at Craft Kitchen Brewery in the fall of 2016, he learned the ropes of larger production facilities by working at Founders Brewing Company and Deschutes Brewery.

While classically and traditionally trained in the science of brewing, Nate has come to enjoy a wide range of styles and ingredients that make his beers crafty and unique. Like his counterpart in the Craft kitchen, Chef John Calvin, Nate also believes that the best raw ingredients are necessary to create great beer recipes. Pulling inspiration from meals you’d see in the kitchen, he favors fringe ingredients used in the craft beer industry like peppers, potatoes and coconuts. The beers you’ll find at Craft Kitchen and Brewery will be a mix of adventurous and traditional styles. While you might not like every beer on tap, there is a beer to suit even the most discerning taste buds!